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Description: The role as counselor is one of the most important  jobs at camp.  You may have to settle fights, go on little sleep, and show love when a camper does everything to get your goat and make you mad. But you also may have the opportunity to lead that camper to salvation in Jesus Christ, and see them go from despair to hope during their time at camp.  You can watch them begin to laugh and sing and seek God on their own, and know that you were a part of the change. You are not just babysitting your campers, you are mentoring them and developing relationships that could last for many years. You can be their hero, a light in their dark world. You will be responsible for 2-3 campers almost 22 hours a day. There will be a counselor and assistant counselor and 4-5 campers in each wagon.

18 years or older

Organization's Mission Statement: Camp David of the Ozarks is an interdenominational, non-profit ministry. Our mission is to provide a Christian camp where one can experience love, find hope, and grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our motto is "Giving Hope to Children of Prisoners"

Great For: Christians

Duration/Frequency: Short Term Service/Seasonal

  • Rolla, Missouri, United States
  • 11305 Private Drive 5316 Rolla MO 65401
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